A day in the life of…

On Monday my husband was off work. Normally, we’d go out for the day to do something different. This time we thought we’d keep the day ‘normal’ so he asked what a typical Monday is like for me & our son. We woke around 7.15, brought our 13 month old into our bed for snuggles & a breastfeed then I dressed him while daddy showered. Next I had a shower & we had breakfast together. By that time Baby Boy was ready for a nap (about half an hour in the mornings). He woke at 10 & we left home at 10.15 to walk to the library for music group. “What’s next?” asked my husband. I explained that we nip to the shop for a couple of bits on our way home, we then have lunch & Baby Boy has his afternoon nap (about 1 – 1.5 hours).  His reply? “Now I know why you don’t get much done” 

He knows our son has 2 naps a day, he knows we go out to regular activities 3 days a week, he knows we meet friends sometimes, and he knows we often walk to these various activities. Now that he’s experienced it, he understands how long these things take & how quickly the days pass. 

It’s nice that he experienced a typical day with us. He often jokes about me doing nothing all day (it is a joke – he knows I don’t just sit with my feet up eating cake all day every day), but now he understands why the house isn’t always spotless when he comes home, why dinner is sometimes a bit late, how hard it can be to get out of the house on time. 

After Baby Boys afternoon nap, we usually get half an hour to play together, then we move to the kitchen where he can play by himself while I prepare & cook dinner. That’s followed by bath & bed. It’s great that he (generally) sleeps so well and we have our evenings together. 

So that’s an average day for us. What do your days look like? What’s the average age a child drops their morning nap?


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