Sundays are always difficult. My son has his morning nap around 9.30. We need to leave for church at around 9.30! I often think there’s no point in going to church because he’s grumpy due to no sleep and because I have to go out to crèche mid way through the service so don’t get to hear the sermon. But I know it’s important to be in the habit of attending regularly as a family, so we go every week. I enjoy the first part of the service for the sung worship, but I’m not getting any teaching at the moment which is hard. Occasionally my husband will take my son out to crèche so I can stay in the service, which is great. Once my son drops his morning nap, I’m sure church will become easier and more enjoyable for us all, in the meantime we’ll carry on doing what we do because in the long run it will work out for the best. Does anyone else feel the same? Is it just me? Any advice?


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