Enjoying the cuddles

I’m writing this while my son sleeps on me. Yes, he’s almost a year old and most people put their babies in their cots to sleep, but I enjoy the cuddles. He sleeps really well at night, and has done most of his life. During the day, however, I struggle to put him down for naps. I used to get annoyed thinking of all the things I ‘should’ be doing, but instead I just take the time to enjoy the cuddles. If I put him down he naps badly. If I cuddle him he has a good if hour (usually!). If I put him down he cries for at least 15 minutes and continues to get upset then has an unsettled nap so I breastfeed him to sleep and he stays there until he wakes. It works much better for him and so he’s happier and I’m happier. I could keep putting him down and forcing him to get used to sleeping in his cot, but we’re both happy with how we do it. 

The housework can wait. Cleaning, tidying, washing, dusting, hoovering, ironing – it will all still be there later. One day my baby won’t nap in my arms any more and I’ll miss that. Today I’m making the most of it and enjoying the cuddles while I still can!

Slow down, chill out, relax, enjoy the cuddles!


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